August 18, 2022


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Fiduciaries represent a largely untapped source of business for commercial real estate professionals. Your skills as a trusted financial adviser can be of value to many large fiduciary investment real estate portfolios in helping them achieve their goals of long-term growth, income, diversity, and stability. In Working with Fiduciaries, learn what it takes to understand the needs of this unique client base and successfully tap into potential business. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of the world of fiduciaries, including the various levels of fiduciary relationships, what makes a fiduciary account unique from other client types, and best practices in dealing with fiduciaries and their agents. The course also covers:

  • Core principles and investment guidelines of fiduciary management
  • The key obligations of fiduciaries and those who work on their behalf
  • The risks and rewards of working on behalf of fiduciary clients
  • What CRE skills are most important to fiduciary clients and how to present to them
  • How to assist fiduciary managers in making critical real estate investment decisions
  • How to distinguish yourself and add value as a trusted real estate professional for fiduciaries



Carmela Ma, CCIM                                                                    Peter Lawson, CCIM

CJM Associates, Inc.|President/CEO                                                                        CCIM


This course is online.
August 18, 2022 at 12:00pm - 2pm