Commercial Real Estate Negotiations


Eight hours of training on the CCIM Interest-Based Negotiations Model is required before going on to CI 103 and CI 104. This course fulfills the Negotiations requirement.


Learn and apply the CCIM Interest-based Negotiations Model to your most challenging transactions. Learn new, proven strategies to client acceptance that will get you out of the "high/low game" and other tactics that can derail a successful transaction.

Interest-based negotiation is a three-step process that brings discipline to your negotiation strategies. It involves identifying:

⦿ What parties are involved in the negotiation, and what are they seeking?
⦿ What can we do to get the other parties what they need, so that we can get what we want?
⦿ What happens if there is no agreement?

Course Objectives

Through an interactive case study format and role play, you will learn to:

⦿ Satisfy the interests of parties involved in the negotiation (without sacrificing yours)
⦿ Develop strategies for identifying and addressing challenges in a principled, transparent manner
⦿ Maintain a collaborative approach to negotiations
⦿ Effectively communicate the consequences of not reaching an agreement




                                                                    Robin Dyche, CCIM                    Clifford Bogart, CCIM                               
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