January 12, 14, 19, 21, and 26 2021

Combine the personal attention of an instructor with the flexibility of online learning. Courses have virtual sessions and defined start and end dates.
All materials are provided online. Review the Schedulefor specific session times.

This case study-driven course provides agents, brokers, students, and allied professionals with an understanding of the skills, resources, and business practices that pave the way for success in commercial real estate.
Learn how to analyze leases and investment value, and develop a plan to kick-start your career. Foundations for Success is not just about how the commercial real estate business works, it is about working the business.

After completing this highly interactive course, you will be able to:

Access and use demographic information as a decision-making tool
Differentiate between the needs of the owners and tenants
Develop a personal marketing plan
Develop a property marketing plan
Utilize basic financial analysis tools
Solve investment problems using a financial calculator
Perform basic mortgage calculations using compounding and discounting techniques
Project income and expenses for a real estate property
Calculate the yield on a potential investment

As part of the course you will also receive the CCIM Financial Calculator, designed to effectively and efficiently provide investment scenarios for you and your clients.

• Session 1: Tuesday, 12th January
• Session 2: Thursday, 14th January
• Session 3: Tuesday, 19th January
• Session 4: Thursday, 21st January
• Session 5: Tuesday, 26th January


Mark Pollon, CCIM

Polon Consulting|President

January 12, 2021 at 4:00pm - 6pm