The Fiduciary Committee

"Welcome to the Fiduciary Committee of CCIM Greater Los Angeles! We have recently launched our Committee to be a best-in-class resource on the topics of real estate wealth transfer and fiduciary real estate. We have a dynamic group of leaders on our Committee, and together with the support of the CCIM Greater Los Angeles Chapter and leaders like yourself we are providing valuable resources to the community on this important and underserved topic. Get involved and learn more about our dynamic Committee." - Carmela Ma, CCIM

Who We Are

The Fiduciary Committee of CCIM Greater Los Angeles is a Committee of the CCIM Greater Los Angeles Chapter. Our Committee is comprised of CCIM Designees, CCIM Candidates, corporate fiduciaries, private fiduciaries, family offices, asset managers, real estate advisors, and related fields such as estate planning attorneys, CPAs, real estate attorneys, wealth advisors, and banks.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Fiduciary Committee of CCIM Greater Los Angeles is to educate real estate owners and their trusted advisors on the important role that fiduciaries play in the complex world of real estate wealth transfer. We aim to explore how the CCIM education on real estate investment analysis can be a valuable resource for fiduciaries in making sound strategic decisions with real estate portfolios that they manage. Our Committee strives to provide comprehensive education, cutting-edge resources, and valuable networking opportunities to ensure that our members are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in this challenging and ever-changing field.

The Challenge

A large percentage of high-net-worth families in the U.S. have their wealth concentrated in real estate. These families face the challenge of transitioning their real estate assets from generation to generation and selecting the right fiduciaries to oversee their real estate portfolios. Real estate wealth transfer and the fiduciary’s role with real estate assets is a complex topic that involves a wide range of legal, financial, and ethical responsibilities. Fiduciaries and multi-generational real estate families must consider not only the goals of the property itself, but also the unique needs and goals of the trust, the broader real estate market, and the potential risks and challenges that may arise in the ownership and management of these assets.

The Solution

The CCIM Greater Los Angeles Chapter has launched the Fiduciary Committee to be a leading resource on the unique challenges with real estate wealth transfer and specific fiduciary topics with real estate.

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