Please contact Membership Chair, Patsy Ma for more information.

Associate         $150.00 $75.00*

  • Commercial real estate practitioner who is neither a CCIM designee or candidate but who wishes to network with other practitioners through membership in the Chapter. Become an Associate.


CCIM Candidate    $125.00 $62.50*

  • A real estate professional who has enrolled and completed a minimum of one CCIM course and paying candidate dues. Become a CCIM Candidate.


CCIM Designee     $125.00 $62.50*

  • A real estate professional who has completed the CCIM curriculum and has obtained the pin. Become a CCIM Designee.


Industry Affiliate     $200.00 $100.00*

  • Works in a field providing support services to commercial real estate (i.e. title, escrow, lending, legal, accounting, etc.) Become an Industry Affiliate.


Reciprocal Membership     $25.00 $12.50*

* prorated for 2019